11 июня 2013

Uservoice for Google Sites

And again about gadgets for Google Sites.

I think there's no need to explain why a developer (and, in general, any buiness) needs a customer feedback? A way to send (and handle) support tickets, sending new ideas, voting for new features (including ideas from other customers) and so on. Such funtionality is provided by many services, including Uservoice. For example, here is my "personal" page. And a natural wish is to have such feedback form right on your own site (like this), not at some extenal hosting. When you have your own site, that you control entirely, it's not a problem - you just generate some JavaScript code at Uservoice admin control panel and paste it into your site code. But when you have site, based on Google Sites, such things are a bit more complicated. You can't paste arbitrary JavaScript into your page, but you can insert a Gadget. I haven't found existing gadget for Uservoice + Google Sites, so, I had to write it on my own, using experience, that I got with Disqus gadget for Google Sites. Well, I've made gadget for integrating Uservice into your Google Sites and published it with installation manual and samples at Google Code. Use it, be happy and make your users happy too!

A little disclaimer: you can't add Uservoice tab at your Google Sites (the one, that sticks to a screen side and always visible to user while scrolling page).

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